PHP for Beginners – Part 2 1

PHP for Beginners – Part 2

Hey guys! In my last blog php for beginners – Part 1 you have learnt about the basics of variable,…

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Installing XAMPP

Installing xampp

In this tutorial you will be learning XAMPP installation, create and execute your first PHP program, and manage database through…

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PHP for Beginners - Part 1

PHP for Beginners – Part 1

What is this tutorial Series all about! This tutorial is intended for people having a fair bit of knowledge in…

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Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Facebook Account

Have you ever seen someone’s facebook account is hacked? What is the need of facebook security? Most of us use…

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top 10 website

Top 10 Websites to Learn Coding Online

Now a days there is huge demand of software and websites.Today every person is in hurry and they don’t have…

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