How To Earn Money Online in Nepal

We all see ads about how to make money on the internet. Today, I want to share some ideas about this work How To Earn Money Online in Nepal.

How To Earn Money Online in Nepal

Like all other works, It also needs dedication and time. I am not saying you may earn millions immediately. But patience and hard work may give you some better part time job and after some time you may earn much more from that.


A Website or blog of any kind is a key to make some money online. Firstly, Decide what is your passion. What do you do the best? Now, In order to create a website. U need a host i.e, Host Getor, bluehost and you have also register a free domain like .COM.NP for nepal which is provided by the Mercantile, A template {i.e, WordPress, genesis}, you have also use for the free website or blog and good content.

The first two-part are easy to find, But content is hard to make. It is your creation about on your topic. You can post blogs, items for sale, pictures, videos anything else about your traffic.
The more people will read your blog. Means, more traffic generates on your site.
More traffic means, you can sell or offer those people to share or buy some useful things.. Below are some methods to earn from your heavy traffic blog.


It is a big source to give advertisement on your website and get paid for it.
Google is the power of the source. Go to google Adsense site. Sign in or make a Gmail account. Then enter your information and register yourself. After completing the process, you will get some codes. Paste these codes on your site. Then any person will click on these ads. You will be paid for it.
Google Adsense is a type of system operated by google. Many websites use AdSense to monitor their content because it is the most common advertising platform.




If you have a really such a good website or blog. Then you can also be affiliated with business persons to sell their products. If someone will see any ad on your website and buy that thing or product. So you will get a commission from the selling amount.

Not like ad sense, It is a bit different from it.
In affiliate marketing, you won’t get anything only for clicking the ads.
If someone will purchase that product. Then you will get a certain amount from the price of the product. is the best place for selling themes and templates for any website or blog and How To Earn Money Online in Nepal. It pays much for their sale of themes.


Online earn money only by simple survey form filling work. If I say frankly when I saw these ads first time in my life. I thought it was fake. But later I tried and got that it’s real.
A lot of companies gives surveys to know public opinion about their products and services.,, are some good websites for form filling job.
So go and register on these websites. After registration, they will send surveys on your email. Fill surveys and get rewards. Most websites give online shopping vouchers for this work but some give cash as well. So don’t hesitate for anything just go on and do it.


It is really a cool website. If you have some great talent like programming computers, content writing, pictures making, logo making, or just web designing. So you should join this site for earning money starting from $5 each…

You would have to just go to the website. Register yourself and write something about you and your talent.
Needy persons will contact you. You can work and they will pay for it.

I hope you understand the strategy behind How To Earn Money Online in Nepal and online jobs. So work hard and get everything.

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