Rajiv Bikram Shah

Rajiv Bikram Shah

Web Developer and Programmer

About Me


Hi! I am Rajiv… I am a 22 years old Software Nerd, from Janakpur, Nepal. I’m studying Master of Computer Information System (MCIS) at NCIT College, Kathmandu, Nepal Pokhara University. I utilize most of my time to Web Development, I write blogs in my free time. I love to learn and share the knowledge with others. I have started this blog so that I can interact with some like-minded people and also help other people learning PHP and related technologies. I love programming and like to code in other languages like C# and Java. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are my role models and I am very much inspired by them.

About this Website


This blog is all about the how to do blogging and trending thing in Nepal and also write about the new technology.

I also write on my blog www.programmingpot.com is primary dedicated to young learners who want to learn PHP, MySQL, and other web related technologies. But I don’t limit my topic to just basic level, even professionals can learn from advanced topics. My topics mostly focus on PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Ajax, Facebook etc. I post a working demo with the tutorial whenever possible and the source code is always free to download. If you need more information or any other queries feel free to contact me.